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Your local Get-A-Way where you can meet with friends and neighbors over our large selection of cigars and light appetizers while enjoying good conversation. We offer a cozy indoor and outdoor space with an inviting atmosphere that welcomes all friends, wanderers, and adventurers to share a drink together as equals. With our carefully curated drinks menu, wine selection and bourbons, you’re sure to enjoy your visit.

Oasis Cigar houses a well-stocked walk-in cigar humidor as well as a wide array of smoking accessories; cutters, lighters, and humidors.  We also have offerings for pipe enthusiasts.


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ACID Cigars are #1 with a bullet when we're talking about the best infused cigars on the market. That's not even a question. And there's one line within the ACID brand that reigns supreme over them all — Blondie. Originally offered in a 4" x 38 Sumatra wrapped version, Blondie has spawned tons of sequels and spin-offs, each just as delicious as the last. Featured below is the entire Blondie line. Each vitola in this chart-topping brand is handcrafted, and spends time in Drew Estate's aromatic rooms where over 150 essential oils and botanicals slowly influences the flavor of the final blend.

Ashton Aged Maduro

Ashton Aged Maduro is the most widely acclaimed, highly sought-after Maduro cigar in the world today. Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic in the Fuente factory, these treasures feature delectable, dark-brown Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers and a rich blend of aged Dominican tobaccos. These precious wrappers undergo an extensive fermentation process, which can take up to 3 full years. The ultimate result is a mild to medium-bodied masterpiece with rich hearty flavors and mouthwatering sweetness. Tasting notes include earth, maple, spices and a savory blast of cocoa.


Argyle Fumas

The ‘#1 Value Cigar in America’ just got even better friends... Argyle Fumas are handcrafted in one of the world's premier boutique cigar factories. Carefully blended with a rich selection of premium Dominican sandwich tobaccos, these cigars are finished off using silky smooth Sumatra wrappers. Mild to medium-bodied, these value-priced cigars are mellow and smooth boasting light notes of cream, coffee and nuts.


We can't offer you refuge if you're seeking Asylum; however, we can offer you a fine cigar! Asylum is a medium-bodied, value-priced Nicaraguan Puro that combines a rich, earthy core of long-filler tobaccos that's enrobed in a blemish-free, smooth and oily wrapper. Tasting notes include slight hints of coffee, black pepper and leather with a crisp, toasty finish.

cain-ct (1).png


Cain cigars are handcrafted by the Oliva Cigar Company in Nicaragua and are known for bold flavors and medium to full-bodied profiles that boast a lot of depth and density. Cigar lovers who prefer a bit of extra kick in their favorite cigars seek out Cain for reliable construction and profound, earthy spices. Cain cigars are traditionally blended with a robust assortment of Nicaraguan ligero tobaccos which create rich, distinct flavors and command attention.


CAO cigars offer a sound variety of 90+ rated blends that cigar connoisseurs have purchased several times over throughout the years. While a handful of core lines originally established the brand, CAO has developed many new selections around innovative marketing strategies that highlight a blend’s regional influences. CAO cigars are additionally offered in a popular collection of flavored selections for those who like to satisfy their sweet tooth with the smooth and creamy aroma of fine tobaccos.



As one of the best-known Cuban-legacy brands in the world, Cohiba casts a wide net of cigar lovers who’ve given it a try. Back in Cuba, the brand was originally conceived as personal blend for Dictator Fidel Castro and was not widely distributed to consumers for many years. Today, the premium cigar market in the U.S. enjoys access to a Cohiba that’s handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, while the Cuban version enjoys a burgeoning audience in a host of other nations. The Dominican Cohiba is handmade for the portfolio of tobacco conglomerate General Cigar Company alongside other iconic brands, including Macanudo, La Gloria Cubana, Punch, and many more. Cohiba is drafted from a delicate reddish-hued Cameroon wrapper leaf and an interior of Dominican and Indonesian tobaccos. Medium-bodied notes of peppers, wood, and leather culminate with a bit of sweetness in an approachable finish.

Cohiba Black

Cohiba Black is drafted from a jet-black Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper and an intricate recipe of Dominican and Mexican tobaccos. Medium-bodied notes of cocoa, espresso beans, and hickory include a leathery texture and a sweet, lingering finish. Cohiba Black was blended to present optimal flavor from the famous Cuban-legacy brand in a Maduro wrapper varietal that resonates in both taste and room note. Handcrafted for the burgeoning portfolio of General Cigar Company, Cohiba smokes tend to carry a spendy price tag, but should not go overlooked if you’re still waiting to sample this iconic Cuban-heritage brand.



Davidoff cigars are widely regarded as a top-shelf luxury selection. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, Davidoff offers a burgeoning portfolio of premium blends with a distinctly mellow and approachable profile. Each cigar is flawlessly constructed with enticing flavors connoisseurs choose for their rich signature of cedar, coffee and nuts and their smooth and creamy finishes.

La Aroma de Cuba

La Aroma de Cuba cigars originally began as a Cuban brand from the late 1800s, once a favorite of Winston Churchill. Reborn in the house of legendary cigar-maker, Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia, La Aroma de Cuba has quickly grown into a mega-brand with several accolades and awards to its credit. Cigar Aficionado has crowned La Aroma de Cuba with numerous 90+ ratings and notable distinctions, including ‘#2 Cigar of Year’ honors as well as naming it the ‘#1 Bargain Cigar in the World.’ Handcrafted in Estelí, Nicaragua, the La Aroma de Cuba portfolio exemplifies Pepin’s versatility in blending the finest, aged premium tobaccos to a pinnacle standard that cigar enthusiasts everywhere now adore.


La Gloria

La Gloria Cubana cigars date back to well before the Cigar Boom era with a big brand name that boasts a loyal legion of connoisseurs who became fans years ago. La Gloria Cubana now produces a number of Dominican and Nicaraguan blends that have gone on to become bestsellers. A solid collection of flavor and strength profiles has made the brand a seminal classic. La Gloria Cubana cigars continue to impress a wide variety of cigar lovers to this day.


Montecristo cigars are very famous and widely sought-after with a brand name that enjoys deep roots in the business and a recognizable Cuban heritage. Montecristo has certainly evolved with a broad portfolio of Dominican and Nicaraguan blends that satisfy a diverse spectrum of strength and flavor preferences with mild, approachable cigars as well as more full-bodied, full-flavored options.


My Father

My Father Cigars are patiently blended by legendary cigar-maker, Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia in Estelí, Nicaragua from the finest, handcrafted premium tobaccos. The Garcia family excels at growing, aging and fermenting tobaccos in tremendously inventive ways to create a portfolio of My Father brands with depth, diversity and consistency. The My Father Cigars factory produces cigars that are frequently very highly rated, such as Flor de las Antillas and My Father Le Bijou 1922, both of which won Cigar Aficionado’s ‘#1 Cigar of the Year’ title following their respective debuts.


A novel concept in handmade cigars from Oliva....a substantive blend that will make you rethink the cigar experience.

Nub cigars started as a theory. Born in the Oliva factory, a cigar maker was hell-bent on proving he could capture the essence - the core - of a cigar's flavor immediately upon lighting and throughout the duration of the blend. Well, they nailed it.

Rather than wait for a cigar to develop and evolve, which typically occurs an inch to two inches in, the idea behind Oliva's Nub was to specifically blend it to hit its sweet spot right off the bat and remain at its peak right through to the end.


Obsess Cigars

Obsess Cigars are now available! Conveniently add these Ultra Premium hand crafted cigars to your cart along with all our other top name brand & premium boutique brand cigars! Obsess Cigars feature some of the finest well aged tobaccos.


Oliva cigars enjoy a tremendous fan base among both novices and connoisseurs. Regarded for producing a range of flavors with varying degrees of strength, Oliva has scooped up several top ratings and awards over the years, including Cigar Aficionado’s coveted ‘#1 Cigar of the Year’ honor. Fantastic construction, quality and consistency are reflected in each cigar with a focus on medium to full-bodied Nicaraguan profiles. Oliva cigars have been in the regular rotation of cigar lovers who seek out quality cigars for a good value.



Padron cigars enjoy a truly legendary status among cigar connoisseurs around the world with scores of 90+ rated offerings. Padron’s reputation dates back to 1964 and today the brand is recognized for an elegant portfolio of premium, handcrafted, aged Nicaraguan blends. Rich flavors and perfect construction continue to keep fans of Padron cigars readily engaged with a classic profile that speaks for itself.


Nick Perdomo is the founder of Perdomo Cigars and the man responsible for creating an extensive portfolio of blends that are well-made, well-priced and exceptionally popular among cigar lovers. High quality control standards and consistently rich flavors with an attractive range of strengths have made Perdomo a requested brand. With several wrapper varieties to choose from, Perdomo has a distinct blend for every palate.



Punch cigars enjoy historic roots that date back to the mid 1800s. Bold aromas and generous flavors have made Punch a big name brand that is recognized everywhere cigars are sold. Punch focuses on a primarily medium to full-bodied Honduran profile with rich, earthy notes and leathery spices. With several brand lines and formats available, Punch cigars are in the regular rotation of numerous cigar connoisseurs and include several value-priced options, such as Punch Vintage, which are aged considerably at the factory before they are shipped to our warehouse.

Rocky Patel

Charismatic cigar-maker Rocky Patel blends a popular and ever-growing portfolio of top-rated cigars. The 95-rated Rocky Patel Decade, 94-rated Rocky Patel The Edge Habano, and 90-rated Rocky Patel Renaissance represent just a few of his most prominent releases. Rocky Patel cigars are handcrafted in Nicaragua and Honduras from wide variety of premium long-filler tobaccos and well-known wrapper varietals, including Connecticut Shade, Ecuador Habano, Connecticut Broadleaf, San Andrés, and more. Fans of Rocky Patel cigars often count the brand’s bestselling bundles like the ‘RP’ Mulligans franchise and ‘RP’ Short Run Limited Edition as their favorites thanks to the unbeatable everyday savings they offer. Discover your favorite Rocky Patel blends from the biggest Rocky selection in the country!


Romeo Y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta cigars are famous for their old Cuban roots and are well-known for including several top-performing selections. Each blend in the Romeo y Julieta portfolio offers consistently balanced, smooth flavors that are approachable from start to finish. Cigar lovers have gravitated toward Romeo y Julieta cigars for years for reliable construction and a range of profiles with savory finishes that are on the creamier side.

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